Lawson Construction can handle any size project, with jobs lasting from one day to several months. Recent projects handled by Lawson Construction have ranged from several thousand dollars to in excess of several million dollars.

Lawson Construction’s goal is to assist the project owner in executing his overall objective. In undertaking an assignment, Lawson Construction typically works with the owner or prime contractor to determine how maximum efficiencies can be achieved. This hands-on approach has often enabled Lawson Construction to make suggestions that streamline a project’s implementation while improving the final product.

Lawson Construction prides itself on its ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. Once a project is scheduled, each job goes through a comprehensive tracking system securing adherence to deadlines, assurance of quality control and performance within budgets.  In addition, our extensive experience in the industry has allowed us to develop an extremely accurate accounting and estimating system. As a result, Lawson Construction stands firm with its bids.

In developing its computer-generated project bids, Lawson Construction provides customers with a clear, concise package that includes a specific timetable for the completion of the project. In developing this timetable, Lawson Construction matches the critical path of a job’s construction with other Lawson Construction projects in progress.

Through this process, Lawson Construction is ready to initiate its portion of a construction project when the client is ready.  As a result, Lawson Construction is able to quickly and efficiently complete its assignment, helping its customer maintain a project’s timetable.